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  • Implement changes and concepts quickly and efficiently
  • Improve your organization's communication, focus and results
  • Development of team spirit in your organization
  • Identification of purpose toward mutual success
  • Development and practice of efficient discussion and decision making skills
The Program
Today's business climate requires
agile, flexible and efficient processes.
The Benefit
Presenting your objectives to a large group is an economical and time-saving method of facilitating information flow, quickly implementing changes, introducing new skills and enhancing teamwork.

As a single unit, or combined with other programs, large group conferences conducted by Innovative Resources Consultant Group, Inc. can make an immediate and lasting impact on your workforce.
We help organizations
  • Strategically Focused
  • Values-Based
  • Change Driven
  • Customer-Centered
  • Leadership Inspired

Our processes and programs:
  • Align Organizational Efforts
  • Enhance Communication
  • Promote Cooperation
  • Improve Performance
  • Accelerate Growth
Incorporating objectives from our vast array of leadership and teamwork development programs, we customize this program to meet the needs of your organization.

Participants . . . 40 to 500 individuals can be accommodated in this format, with a maximum ratio of one facilitator to every 15 participants. Structured especially for large groups, you may invite participants from all levels of your organization.

Location . . . To minimize interruptions and maximize benefits, an off-site location is recommended.

Time Investment . . . Depending on the group size, number of objectives to be accomplished and time available, this program can be completed in two to five days. For maximum convenience, the subject matter can be broken into full-day or multi-day segments. Also, the program can be conducted during normal business hours or after-hours to minimize business interruptions.

Content . . . The subject of your conference will depend entirely on the need of your organization and the specific goals you would like to accomplish in this large scale format.
Large Group Conferences