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  • Understanding of the individual's own leadership style
  • Appreciation of the importance of relationship skills
  • Acknowledgement of the individual's potential and responsibilities
  • Confirmation of the individual’s value to the organization
The Program
We customize each coaching program to the specific requirements and objectives of the individual.

Participants . . .  An individual from any level of your organization may be selected to receive our personal coaching. However, those at the management level and above who are experiencing performance or production difficulties will find this intense one-on-one program most beneficial.

Location...To reinforce the importance of identification with your business environment, we prefer to conduct personal coaching at your location.

Time Investment...We meet with the selected individual in three to six sessions, spaced over an eight to sixteen week period.

Content...During private interviews with the participant and the supervisor, the participant's strengths, needs and objectives are identified. Co-workers, selected by the participant, are interviewed to further understand the participant's functionality and style within the structure of your organization. From intensive one-on-one discussions and exchange of ideas, the participant learns how to enhance their skills and best utilize their abilities.
A personal action plan is developed for implementation by the participant. A series of follow-up sessions are conducted to review the participant's short-term results and continuously refine their action plan.

Individual attention can make the difference between
marginal and magnificent performance

The Benefit
Innovative Resources Consultant Group, Inc. can enhance the contribution that an individual makes to your organization. By identifying opportunities and addressing obstacles that may be hindering productivity, your valued employee can be coached to perform to their full potential.

We are also available to conduct additional sessions to provide continuing support and maintain the advances achieved during the initial phase of our personal coaching program.

We help organizations
  • Strategically Focused
  • Values-Based
  • Change Driven
  • Customer-Centered
  • Leadership Inspired

Our processes and programs:
  • Align Organizational Efforts
  • Enhance Communication
  • Promote Cooperation
  • Improve Performance
  • Accelerate Growth
Personal Coaching