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  • Creation of an employee focused environment
  • Involvement of employees and supervisors in the decision making process
  • Solicitation of ideas from the front line
  • Simplification of procedures and processes
  • Identification of the leaders of tomorrow
The Process

The Benefit
Recommendations made by a well organized and informed team of fellow employees are likely to receive wide-spread support. Employees who feel that they are a part of the decision making process have an increased sense of personal value, resulting in higher morale.

Innovative Resources Consultant Group, Inc. will help you create a change-motivated environment where open communication is encouraged and employees feel that their opinions and suggestions are welcome. Also, organizations often reap the benefit of cost-effective ideas that come from
knowledgeable individuals on the front line.

Utilization of task forces that invites input from all levels can also help identify future managers and company leaders within your organization.
Quality decisions are made when those responsible
for the day-to-day delivery of products and services
are involved in the decision making process.
We help organizations
  • Strategically Focused
  • Values-Based
  • Change Driven
  • Customer-Centered
  • Leadership Inspired

Our processes and programs:
  • Align Organizational Efforts
  • Enhance Communication
  • Promote Cooperation
  • Improve Performance
  • Accelerate Growth
Task Forces
We help your management define specific areas that would benefit from the creation of specialized task forces. We also offer our expertise to assist with your selection of participants to build the most effective task force possible.

We facilitate and manage the Task Force process and provide the essential elements, tools and knowledge required for maximum productivity. Our extensive training includes:

Leadership Development
Project Management
Decision Making
Structuring Effective Meetings
Research and Analytical Skill Development

Following this intensive training, task forces can be expected to make recommendations within ninety days. We are also available to assist your management with the review, approval and implementation of recommendations made by each task force.