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  • Develop a better understanding of each individual’s leadership style
  • Recognize and appreciate the differences of other team members’ leadership styles
  • Align knowledge of styles with other team members to allow for maximum effectiveness

The Program
Understanding and capitalizing on diversity of styles
enhances performance and effectiveness.

The Benefit
As a result of understanding leadership styles, participants will be able to better understand themselves and their fellow team members. Style differences and similarities can be identified and capitalized on for optimum performance and effectiveness. The understanding of leadership styles allows individuals to appreciate and capitalize on the diverse styles of others on their team.
The program can include ten (10) to forty (40) individuals from anywhere in your organization simultaneously.

For convenience, this program can be conducted at your place of business or off-site.

Time Investment
This session can be facilitated in one-half to one day depending on the number of individual participants involved.
This workshop is intended to introduce individuals to leadership styles. Facilitated in an interactive format, participants will be exposed to a general understanding of leadership styles, an in-depth discussion of specific concepts relating to styles, their individual profile, and how to utilize styles as a tool.
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Leadership Style Workshop