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  • Develop a common purpose and direction
  • Build agreement on top priorities and key areas of focus
  • Clarify and refine key milestones to support the strategic direction
  • Increase knowledge of how individuals expect to be approached, motivated, communicated to, managed, and developed to achieve peak performance
  • Enhance the team dynamics throughout the process
The Program
This highly customized and dynamic process takes client objectives and turns them into the key areas of focus. The session(s) is designed to create alignment toward a common direction and resolve issues among teams in a fast-paced approach.
You may select individuals from various parts of your organization; i.e. leadership and management, strategy teams, employee groups or any other combination of individuals.

Effectiveness and efficiency is improved with ownership and commitment.
These sessions can be conducted at your place of business or at a location separate from your place of business.

Time Investment
These sessions can be facilitated in half-day, one, two, or three day segments depending on your needs. This allows for maximum flexibility and effectiveness.
Strategy Work Sessions are very dynamic and efficient. Conducted in a facilitated style, we use working break out groups, in-depth discussions, and presentations to enhance the work session end product and individual commitment and buy-in.
The Benefit
With the product from the Strategy Work Session developed in partnership between you, the client, and Innovative Resources Consultant Group, Inc. your organization will gain commitment and a sense of ownership to an agreed upon approach resulting in alignment (cohesion). Results may also include improved teamwork and camaraderie as well as improvement in your team's overall focus and efficiency.
We help organizations
  • Strategically Focused
  • Values-Based
  • Change Driven
  • Customer-Centered
  • Leadership Inspired

Our processes and programs:
  • Align Organizational Efforts
  • Enhance Communication
  • Promote Cooperation
  • Improve Performance
  • Accelerate Growth
Strategy Work Session